That’s an Idaho kitty, fur sure

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  • Courtesy photo Carol Fairhurst’s cat, Tabitha, unpacking the family groceries.

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  • Courtesy photo Carol Fairhurst’s cat, Tabitha, unpacking the family groceries.

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Well, we’re in for another Chat Day.

Or perhaps it’s more accurate to call it a cat day, since we truly are overloaded with photos and stories about your cats.

Doesn’t anyone have some tale about a pet ferret, or maybe a boa constrictor?

Sigh …

Moving along, my favorite little piece of humor among all the cat material you’ve sent came from Carol Fairhurst, who noted that her beloved Tabitha had been trained to unpack the family groceries.

Judging by the photographic evidence — check it out for yourself — it appears Tabitha has learned how to unpack her OWN meals. As in, snagging a potato and making off with it.

Maybe Tabitha went back to help put canned peas on the shelf, but I kind of doubt it.

Have you noticed a potato shortage, Carol?

ITEM: Speaking of animals, there’s something you need to know if you’re flying from Spokane on American Airlines.

Apparently, customers have taken the concept of “service animals” a little too far, so American now has published a list of critters that cannot ride along with you.

The airline also wants animals to behave (shoot, they’re probably more polite than the people).

Anyway, here’s the message from American …

“Emotional or psychiatric support and fully trained service animals can fly in the cabin at no charge if they meet the requirements.

“Animals must be able to fit at your feet, under your seat or in your lap (animals to be seated on lap must be smaller than a 2-year-old child).

“Emotional support and service animals cannot: protrude into or block aisles; occupy a seat; or eat from tray tables.”

Also, American won’t allow animals on board if they growl, bite, or lunge at people — which seems like a pretty obvious rule.

The no-fly list, meanwhile, includes snakes, goats, hedgehogs and any creature with tusks.

Sorry, but you’ll have to leave the walrus at home.

ITEM: Yes, our poll to determine your favorite cartoon character is still alive — which is a good thing, because a few more entries show up lurking around my inbox every day.

In fact, our very first vote for Casper the Ghost just arrived from Teri Becker Smith.

The poll will close next Thursday (June 14), so if you’ve been dawdling over your choice, it’s just about time to make a decision.

Results so far are spread way, way out there.

No one character is an overwhelming leader — although Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) retains solid support, and so do Wile E. Coyote (Roadrunner TV series) and Snoopy (Peanuts).

Not sure what this says about us, but the clever Roadrunner himself hasn’t received a single vote. Apparently we tend to identify more with a loveable doofus.

No character is a cinch to top the poll, though, so if there’s a cartoon icon close to your heart, please send it soon.

One thing I forgot when we set up this poll is that some very clever cartoons would be ignored because they have no central hero — for instance, The Far Side.


Plus, a few readers have voted for an entire strip (like Doonesbury or Family Circus) instead of a single character.

C’mon, pick out somebody!


Steve Cameron is a columnist for The Press. A Brand New Day appears Wednesday through Saturday each week.


Twitter: @BrandNewDayCDA

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