Forget Oscar: Hoku is king of the throne

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We’ll have to start the week with a Chat Day, for the most obvious reason of all.

I have so many emails hanging around we absolutely must publish some replies — or the things will pile up from here to Canada.

Speaking of other locations, perhaps I’ll ask the boss if I can send these columns from a new home next year.


Simple: Unlike Idaho with its eye-popping growth, Vermont needs residents.

In fact, Gov. Phil Scott just signed a bill that will straight-up pay $10,000 to people who move there to work remotely beginning in 2019 — on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as funding remains.

Surely this is why phones and computers were invented.

Except ...

I love North Idaho.

Hey, Gov. Scott, can I just wash down a few pints of Ben and Jerry’s to qualify for the check?

ITEM: Ah, the magic of Sammie the Cat.

I mentioned last Saturday that my feline phenom was far more interesting than Hadji, the YouTube sensation with whom former Mets player and current broadcaster Keith Hernandez is making big bucks.

At the time, I suggested that if you have a fascinating pet, send us a photo or story.

Silly me ...

We’re now buried in wonderful pet material, so what we’ll do, I think, is get a cat tale or two into this space each week until we’ve recognized everyone.

I have to start with my pal Haylie Thompson, since she was the one who told me about “The Death Cat.”

Haylie got this cat conversation rolling with the story of Oscar, who shocked staff at a Rhode Island hospice by “predicting” the deaths of patients — simply by lying down to sleep with them.

But hey ...

I promise that less creepy (and more local) pet stories are coming soon.

And by the way, that very cool meme accompanying this column is not Oscar.

You may recall the quote, an ancient Hindu text which became famous when uttered by scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, top brain on the first atomic bomb.

He said it in awe after witnessing the weapon’s first test in New Mexico.

ITEM: Reporters notice almost everything. Hey, it’s our job.

But Press whiz Ralph Bartholdt is off on a new planet when it comes to observations.

I can’t possibly do this justice, so I’ll just quote Ralph on the issue of North Idaho driving habits.

Here you go ...

“Have you noticed how neighboring vehicles at stop lights often do not line up next to your vehicle? The drivers in the adjacent lane will intentionally hang back, or not come door-to-door,” Ralph says.

“This happens so frequently anymore that I want to ask: ‘What’s up with that? Do I look insane? Are you afraid I may cap you?’

“There was a time when people just drove up to a red light (alongside) the car in the next lane — and sometimes smiled at the other driver, or gave them a nod.”

Note: Ralph is a fine-looking lad, and I doubt he’d ever be mistaken for an ICE agent or a serial killer.

Go on up and wave, folks!

ITEM: Let’s close out today with some miscellaneous stuff that just has to get into print.

One more cat story?

OK, then here’s one from Tana Loibl ...

“After our daughter, Bernadette, rescued A Norwegian Forest cat named Hoku, she didn’t like dealing with a cat box. She did some research and realized she could purchase a toilet training kit. Being as frugal as she is, she created her own kit and trained him to use the (house) toilet.”

Tana notes that Hoku weighs 20 pounds, so it’s handy not having to deal with his waste.

Wow ...

No photo needed here, thanks.

And finally, reader Judie Whitaker weighed in with a unique perspective on fugitive Lori Isenberg.

Judie thinks justice should be served, but said: “Who amongst us can throw that first stone?”

Appropriate thought from the Bible, but I think maybe the needy people who allegedly didn’t get that missing $500,000 might get in line.

Still, Judie’s view is the better way to look at things.

Bless you all.


Steve Cameron is a columnist for The Press. A Brand New Day appears Wednesday through Saturday each week.


Twitter: @BrandNewDayCDA

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