CAMPAIGN: This one begins

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My name is Rick Whitehead and I am running for Sheriff, albeit in 2020.

I offer a substantial breadth of experience, expertise, and commitment to serve our community. With a life of public service, I am the highly qualified and dedicated public servant Kootenai County needs.

A Sheriff for ALL; I feel this office should be non-partisan, but it’s not and I’m a registered Republican. The Sheriff serves all equally without regard to party or politics. To Serve & Protect!

My experience and skills include:

• Working through explosive growth, which Kootenai County is experiencing;

• Working with neighborhood groups to collaboratively solve issues;

• Chairing multi-jurisdictional committees to make communities safer and reduce duplication;

• Managing multi-million dollar budgets;

• Designing and the implementation of training programs, and; Crafting employee compensation and benefit packages to reduce the costs of turnover, training, and liability.

I have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to bring people together to resolve issues.

Command Positions Leading: (150+ personnel)

— Patrol Functions

— Homicide

— Family Violence

— Child Abuse


— Crime Lab

— Communications

— Intelligence

— Lake Patrol

— Traffic/Motors

I need your help and I look forward to hearing from you, to share ideas, and collaborating to build many future successes throughout our county.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or set up a meeting at


Post Falls

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