POEM: Mothers and daughters

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Motherís little girl runs to her

And embraces her till breaths crumple.

In that very moment,

Life stands still for a while,

Flesh against flesh,

Heart to heart moment,

The embrace of her little girl

Just feeds her soul with inspirational nourishment.

The motherís eyes peer deep into her childís,

Mother loves moments like this,

Moments that take her breath away

When her child gives her a hug and kiss.

Itís those beautiful life moments

That the mother shall always treasure.

Motherís love for her beautiful girl

Has no depth, has absolutely no measure,

But that sweet little girl

Will mature into a young lady

And soon that beautiful little girl

Will get married and have her own family.

But this isnít the end of the story,

Just the beginning to a new life chapter.

Itís moments in life like this

That the mother will treasure and capture

And stow them away in a pocket in her heart,

Embroider them deep within her soul.

She will rewind back in time

To those moments that made her feel whole.

Her heart will create a scrap book

Filled with moments like these,

And when she feels sorrow,

She will look at the scrap book and feel peace.

Her daughter is all grown up now,

Sheís an adult now itís unbelievable,

But to the mother of this young lady,

She shall always remain motherís little angel.


Coeur díAlene

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