BULLIES: Take that!

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Enough IS Enough. The CHILDREN have spoken. They demand a ban. Their scripts have been heard.

Now we ADULTS are speaking.

To prove your voices haven’t fallen on deaf ears, we’ll hold marches for new legislation and bans.

First let me address Landyn Owens, “child speaker..” @ McEuen Park 3/24/18. My dear girl, this is N Idaho, a Constitutional protecting county & state. You see a lot of people carrying guns (You apparently weren’t born in Idaho) not to protect their guns, but to protect themselves. Some, their “kids” and...other’s “kids” if needed. They LOVE their kids & have the responsibility to parent and right to protect them from bullies who are threatening to harm/gravely injure them. They HAVE to, the bully’s parents aren’t/didn’t hold them (bully) accountable for their actions.

With that said; We adults will start rallying and marching. We demand:

Legislation regarding bullies.

Any bully, at any age of life, (minor/ adult/senior) and their parents will be held accountable, charged with FELONIES. For life! (Solves the purchase issue)

Because of the high number of kids’ deaths behind the wheel (you see too many kids challenging trains & losing):

Ban vehicles

Ban violent video games

Ban iPhones

Ban iPads

Ban social media

All the above are PRIVILEGES.

NOT a “right.”

Raise the adult age: 21

Above Privileges: 18

Guns/weapons: 18 (military adult age)

The Superintendent “Alerts” parents regarding emergencies at school.

As Landyn said, “we go to school to learn...play...”




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