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When Dr. David Adler lectures on “Fake News and the Freedom of the Press” tomorrow evening, credibility will be the keynote theme.

Credibility of media and credibility of the lecturer.

In this era of social media proliferation and the tactical spread of disinformation, the first part of the credibility equation is far more difficult to dissect than the second part. Leave it to the good doctor to give it a fascinating — and probably controversial — attempt.

Adler, president of Alturas Institute, a nonprofit created to promote civic education and civil dialogue, is one of the nation’s most respected constitutional scholars. He’s also intimately familiar with journalism, traces of printer’s ink having been detected in his bloodstream and reams of publications bearing his name.

As many Coeur d’Alene lecture attendees have learned over the past half-dozen years, the esteemed speaker uses no note cards or cheat sheets. He knows his stuff and he’s not afraid to challenge your thinking — graciously, of course. Therefore, if you’re looking for an expert to pander to your political perspectives, Adler’s probably not your guy.

After his lecture, Adler welcomes questions from the audience — the tougher, the better. (Questions, not audience members!)

The Press is proud to sponsor these lectures along with the Idaho Humanities Council, Friends of the Library and CDA-TV, which will rebroadcast the event later. We’re extremely grateful that Dr. Adler makes this annual May event a priority on his packed schedule.

Previous lectures, which you can read about on cdapress.com by searching the lecture titles, include:

2017: Executive Orders and Executive Power in the Trump Presidency

2016: The Supreme Court: Presidential Powers and Political Pressure

2015: The Second Amendment: Fundamentals and Myths

2014: The Constitution and Religion: Origins, Challenges and Accommodations

2013: The State of the Presidency: Constitutional and Political Challenges

2012: Holding Government Accountable

Thursday’s lecture starts at 7 p.m. sharp in the Coeur d’Alene Library Community Room, 702 E. Front Ave. Doors open at 6, and admission is free.

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