PROPHECY: Look out, 9/28/17

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Check the date: Sept. 28, 2017.

Godís fireworks and amazing holy power will be displayed in the sky and on Earth.

The last time seen and recorded was more than 700 years ago.

I have looked up these prophesies that prove it will happen.

Luke 21:25-28, Revelations 6:12-14

2 Thessalonians 1:12, Daniel 8

Isaiah 13:10, 2 Peter 3:8-13

Amos 5:14-15, Zephaniah 1:15

1 Thess 5:2, 2 Thess 1:7,8,12

Revelations 16:14, 2 Kings 9:27

Ezekiel 38:19, Isaiah 54:4-10



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