100 Days of Climate: Week 10


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Addressing climate change using sound science is crucial not just for the U.S., but for the world. Unfortunately, that appears unlikely over the next four years under the Trump administration, which has shown signs of being apathetic if not outright hostile to climate science and science-based policies to rein in carbon pollution.

Trump has promised to rid the country of Obama’s climate policies while simultaneously propping up coal and oil, the two biggest energy sources of carbon pollution. That’s despite the fact that climate science indicates now is the time when more urgent action is needed to address climate change.

With an anti-climate agenda likely in Trump’s first 100 days, Climate Central is going to underscore the value of science and rational approaches to policy making over that span. We’ll be tweeting facts, stories and videos that provide key scientific context of the choices humanity faces and what policy actions (or inactions) mean. We’ll be chronicling them all right here, so check back every day to see what science tells us about our warming world and what we should be doing about it.

March 24-March 30

Day 64, March 24: New website language provides clues for how the State Dept. will address climate change http://buff.ly/2n1tEoUhttp://buff.ly/2n1tEoU via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 65, March 25: The Keystone XL pipeline could add up to 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere http://buff.ly/2nNjQTchttp://buff.ly/2nNjQTc via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 66, March 26: Climate change is on pace to kill this ancient ice sheet http://buff.ly/2nk6pJt #climate100 http://buff.ly/2nk6pJt via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 67, March 27: Global communities are retreating as oceans swell and coasts erode http://buff.ly/2or5qF5 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2or5qF5 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 68, March 28: This is how Donald Trump intends to dismantle climate regulations — and why it matters http://buff.ly/2nszYGShttp://buff.ly/2nszYGS via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 69, March 29: Some states may spend years battling President Trump over his climate rule rollbacks http://buff.ly/2ozjhJo #climate100 http://buff.ly/2ozjhJo via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

March 17-March 23

Day 57, March 17: February was the second hottest on record for the planet http://buff.ly/2mRlHTQ #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mRlHTQ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 58, March 18: Polluters could “more easily” commit crimes under proposed budget cuts http://buff.ly/2nAl6pJ #climate100 http://buff.ly/2nAl6pJ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 59, March 19: The budget blueprint leaves the climate science community in funding limbo http://buff.ly/2mB0pZd #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mB0pZd via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 60, March 20: Spring is getting warmer as the globe heats up from the increase in greenhouse gases http://buff.ly/2mkQqfe #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mkQqfe via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 61, March 21: Climate change is behind the surge in western wildfires http://buff.ly/2nOlr8m #climate100 #InternationalDayofForests http://buff.ly/2nOlr8m via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100,InternationalDayofForests”][/url] Day 62, March 22: Earlier springs raise the risk of freeze damage to crops and blossoms http://buff.ly/2o4pe0q #climate100 http://buff.ly/2o4pe0q via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 63, March 23: The winter peak of Arctic sea ice *just* set a record low for the third year in a row http://buff.ly/2mVvFCT #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mVvFCT via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

March 10-March 16

Day 50, March 10: Over Trump’s first 50 days, 89 percent of U.S. weather stations have been warmer than normal #climate100 Day 51, March 11: “Science, not silence:” Scientists are starting a new movement http://buff.ly/2mb2Hi5 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mb2Hi5 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 52, March 12: Climate change has impacted the size and geographical distribution of tick populations http://buff.ly/2n7v2Ks #climate100 http://buff.ly/2n7v2Ks via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 53, March 13: Scientists are racing to save reefs in the face of climate change http://buff.ly/2mDOM6N #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mDOM6N via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 54, March 14: Here’s why snow is hard to forecast http://buff.ly/2njokRA #climate100 http://buff.ly/2njokRA via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 55, March 15: Climate change is causing leaves to emerge earlier in the spring http://buff.ly/2mJfWrx #climate100 Day 56, March 16: Over Trump’s first 50 days, 89 percent of U.S. weather stations have been warmer than normal #climate100

March 3-March 9

Day 43, March 3: This idea could help wildlife survive climate change http://buff.ly/2lmTA1j #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lmTA1j via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100,WorldWildlifeDay”][/url] Day 44, March 4: The U.S. may be losing the ability to accurately calculate its greenhouse gas emissions http://buff.ly/2mVgae1 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mVgae1 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 45, March 5: Proposed cuts to @NOAA could have major implications for weather forecasting and climate research http://buff.ly/2lJpeRZhttp://buff.ly/2lJpeRZ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 46, March 6: CO2 levels could reach 410 ppm this month, the highest level in human history http://buff.ly/2mx0YHd #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mx0YHd via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 47, March 7: The elimination of NOAA's Sea Grant could slow climate adaptation on coasts http://buff.ly/2n2hJHF #climate100 http://buff.ly/2n2hJHF via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 48, March 8: “Across the world we're finding that we can link unusually warm weather events to climate change” http://buff.ly/2neWzFzhttp://buff.ly/2neWzFz via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 49, March 9: Even with spring snowstorms, on average, spring is coming earlier with climate change http://buff.ly/2nbmOxC #climate100 http://buff.ly/2nbmOxC via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

Feb. 24-March 2

Day 36, Feb. 24: Winter storms like #Quid have increased in intensity since 1950 http://buff.ly/2lBcekO #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lBcekO via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 37, Feb. 25: Spring is warming fastest in the Southwest U.S. http://buff.ly/2mleQBu #climate100 http://buff.ly/2mleQBu via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 38, Feb. 26: Natural gas leaks matter: methane is up to 86 times more potent than CO2 http://buff.ly/2lBjgWA #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lBjgWA via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 39, Feb. 27: 5 out of every 6 wildfires started by humans in landscapes made more likely to burn http://buff.ly/2l5Plr4 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2l5Plr4 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 40, Feb. 28: Here's why snow cover is a climate change indicator http://buff.ly/2m4fW75 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2m4fW75 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 41, March 1: It’s the first day of spring. Here’s how your winter stacked up http://buff.ly/2muuTAy #climate100 http://buff.ly/2muuTAy via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 42, March 2: 117 weather stations in the U.S. recorded a record-warm winter; only 6 had their coldest http://buff.ly/2ljgXZT #climate100 http://buff.ly/2ljgXZT via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

Feb. 17-Feb. 23

Day 29, Feb. 17: Here’s how climate change may alter “critical” atmospheric rivers http://buff.ly/2lrEW7S #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lrEW7S via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 30, Feb. 18: Climate change means more winter precipitation falling as rain http://buff.ly/2kHr0Tc #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kHr0Tc via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 31, Feb. 19: The 10 hottest years ever recorded have all occurred since 1998 http://buff.ly/2kGTD2T #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kGTD2T via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 32, Feb. 20: With climate change, spring is coming an average of 3 days earlier across the U.S. http://buff.ly/2l2XxXa #climate100 http://buff.ly/2l2XxXa via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 33, Feb. 21: More heavy downpours are consistent with what climate scientists expect in a warming world http://buff.ly/2kVU7m3http://buff.ly/2kVU7m3 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 34, Feb. 22: NASA helps us understand our own planet (while discovering others!) http://buff.ly/2lTbNQQ #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lTbNQQ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 35, Feb. 23: NOAA data show that record highs are outpacing record lows 116-to-1 this February http://buff.ly/2lPxgND #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lPxgND via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

Feb. 10-Feb. 16

Day 22, Feb. 10: Our warming world could lead to individual storms that produce heavier snow http://buff.ly/2kXs9KD #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kXs9KD via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 23, Feb. 11: The Dakota Access pipeline has been greenlighted. Here’s what that means for carbon emissions http://buff.ly/2kujtrMhttp://buff.ly/2kujtrM via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 24, Feb. 12: NOAA lets the public create climate visuals with the click of a button http://buff.ly/2kdCi1v #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kdCi1v via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 25, Feb. 13: The planet is losing sea ice. This winter is a dramatic sign of that trend http://buff.ly/2lI67bJ #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lI67bJ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 26, Feb. 14: The U.S. is more than 1/3 of the way toward meeting its commitment to the Paris Agreement http://buff.ly/2kQcImwhttp://buff.ly/2kQcImw via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 27, Feb. 15: Satellites reveal how our world is changing. Here’s what they just saw in Antarctica http://buff.ly/2kr96J4 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kr96J4 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 28, Feb. 16: January 2017 continued the trend of planetary heat http://buff.ly/2lTbNQQ #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lTbNQQ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

Feb. 3-Feb. 9

Day 15, Feb. 3: The language on EPA climate pages is starting to change (and disappear in some cases) http://buff.ly/2kZpdKP #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kZpdKP via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 16, Feb. 4: These maps show what’s at risk along the U.S. coast from sea level rise http://buff.ly/2kBjqx6 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kBjqx6 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 17, Feb. 5: January was the 27th consecutive month the U.S. set more high temp records than low temp records #climate100 Day 18, Feb. 6: Our infrastructure will get more vulnerable as extreme heat events increase http://buff.ly/2lh2edf #climate100 http://buff.ly/2lh2edf via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 19, Feb. 7: Unprecedented Arctic warmth is an example of how carbon pollution is reshaping the planet http://buff.ly/2kLFYePhttp://buff.ly/2kLFYeP via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 20, Feb. 8: Snow cover in North America is on the decline in part due to climate change http://buff.ly/2k3xRem #climate100 http://buff.ly/2k3xRem via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 21, Feb. 9: Coastal cities could flood three times a week by 2045 as seas rise http://buff.ly/2kxvgaZ #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kxvgaZ via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Day 8, Jan. 27: The group @500womensci brought together women researchers advocating for equality http://buff.ly/2kbyIbR #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kbyIbR via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 9, Jan. 28: New research shows we’re even closer to the 1.5°C warming threshold http://buff.ly/2jZhvA4 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2jZhvA4 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 10, Jan. 29: This new NOAA satellite will dramatically improve weather forecasts http://buff.ly/2jZ4d6U #climate100 http://buff.ly/2jZ4d6U via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 11, Jan. 30: Syria's worst drought in 900 years helped spark a refugee crisis http://buff.ly/2jny2AT #climate100 http://buff.ly/2jny2AT via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 12, Jan. 31: One of the nation’s biggest climate polluting power plants could close this year http://buff.ly/2jSnw33 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2jSnw33 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 13, Feb. 1: Warming winters pose serious economic consequences in states reliant on winter tourism http://buff.ly/2kvYfMX #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kvYfMX via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 14, Feb. 2: Limiting methane emissions, like from natural gas pipes, is key to curbing climate change http://buff.ly/2jBm0UA #climate100 http://buff.ly/2jBm0UA via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url]

Jan. 20-26

Day 1, Jan. 20: Data is the bedrock for all we know about climate change. Here's why we need to save it http://buff.ly/2iKwsJ9 #climate100 http://buff.ly/2iKwsJ9 via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 2, Jan. 21: Women are the true face of climate change http://buff.ly/2kcO0tG #climate100 #womensmarch http://buff.ly/2kcO0tG via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 3, Jan. 22: Outbreaks with more tornadoes are becoming more extreme http://buff.ly/2kkzNuI #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kkzNuI via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 4, Jan. 23: NASA & NOAA have declared 2016 to be the hottest year in 137 years of record keeping http://buff.ly/2iWN4NB #climate100 http://buff.ly/2iWN4NB via @climatecentral&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 5, Jan. 24: Trump has frozen EPA funds at a time when climate research is more important than ever #climate100 Day 6, Jan. 25: The EPA has reportedly been told to kill their climate change webpage http://buff.ly/2kiP28g via @Reuters #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kiP28g via @reuters&hashtags=climate100”][/url] Day 7, Jan. 26: Scientists have proposed a #ScienceMarch to advocate for evidence-based policies http://buff.ly/2kxcluo #climate100 http://buff.ly/2kiP28g via @reuters&hashtags=climate100&hashtags=ScienceMarch”][/url]

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